Our Team

Our Team

Our team engages, consults, and collaborates with a variety of stakeholders, including patient and family groups, health-care providers, educators, local and provincial community organizations, health authorities, and policy makers.

We are experts and leaders in palliative care, broad system and social change, and program implementation and evaluation.

Dr Eman Hassan

Dr. Eman Hassan
Executive Director

Dr. Doris Barwich
Medical Director

Kathleen Yue
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Rachel Carter
Research Manager

Dr. Gillian Fyles
Physician Lead, Serious Illness Conversation Initiative

Kathy Kennedy
Community Development Specialist

Dr Julie Ridley

Dr. Julia Ridley
Medical Lead, Education and Partnerships

Elizabeth Beddard-Huber

Elizabeth Beddard-Huber
Clinical Lead, Serious Illness Conversation Initiative

Kathy Sheng
Project Manager, ACP Dementia Project

Tina Lowery
Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Melody Jobse
Community Engagement

Jennifer Bond

Jennifer Bond
Executive Assistant

Stephanie Stuerle
Project Coordinator

Anica Butters
Research Assistant

Esther Owoyomi
Administrative Assistant