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Complete Guide for ESA Housing Letter – 2021 Guide


Emotional support animals can only be kept if a person possesses a valid ESA housing letter when a therapist or a medical health officer recommends ESA to any patient. The specified doctor is also required to provide an ESA letter to the patient. The ESA Letter for housing includes important points under the Housing Act. It is clearly stated that if you have such a letter, you can keep ESA even if you live in a rented house.



3 steps to get an ESA housing letter


Below are the three steps to get an ESA housing letter:

  • Consult your therapist if you have some mental stress
  • Answer the questions of the therapist to justify that you need an ESA
  • Ask your therapist to write an ESA housing letter for you


Make sure your therapist holds the license for an emotional support animal letter. Also, your therapist must be living in the same state as you are.


ESA housing letter must contain


An emotional support letter for housing must contain the following:

  • Information of the patient (tenant)
  • Details of the therapist, for example, license number, name, signature, etc. (on letterhead)
  • Date of the letter issuance

Writing the date on the letter is very important because after every year this letter needs to be renewed. While taking the letter, make sure that your medical health officer is licensed for ESA letter approvals.


ES housing letter can be used.


When you get this letter, it is used at several places where the entry of pets is prohibited. But while possessing this letter, you can take your ESA anywhere. These places include:

  • Apartments
  • Condominium
  • Rental home
  • Co-ops
  • Home Owner Association (HOA)


Does the ESA housing letter require renewal?


An emotional support animal letter requires a renewal yearly. So every year, you have to get back to the same doctor and ask for the renewal. Usually, you have to present your query online to the concerned doctor, you may have to answer a little questionnaire, and after that, you get a renewed ESA letter.


This letter is usually received in digital form. After receiving this letter, show it to your house owner, and that’s all. You must always keep a copy of this letter. There is no need to keep the hard copy of the letter.


Does an ESA housing letter state the complete information about the emotional support animal?


ESA housing letter is only for the house owner that he must allow the tenant to have an ESA letter for housing. Therefore, it is not mandatory to include information regarding the animal. Furthermore, in many cases, the letter is issued first, and afterward, the animal is decided. So, there is no need to prolong the letter with such details.


Also, there is no rule to name your pet in the ESA housing letter. If any owner is claiming this, you should correct him as there is no such rule. Patients can keep dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals that fall in the same category. They can decide which animal, which breeds they need. We recommend choosing the animal according to the medical condition, patients’ nature, and home environment.


It is also advised from our side to choose the animal which you can afford as they will grow in the future and so do their expenses and food costs.


ESA letter must be written depicting the need for an emotional support animal. This letter should never tell the mental disorder or the severity of the mental sickness of a person. It is strictly against the law. Also, the ESA letter for housing should only be used to get the rented houses or apartments.


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