Research Coordinator

We are seeking a Research Coordinator will to provide research coordination and support to the “Improving Advance Care Planning for frail elderly Canadians – Community Based Sub-project”.

Advance care planning (ACP), has been proposed as one solution to improve patient-centred care and ensure that the values and preferences of patients are used to direct health-care decisions. In addition, evidence demonstrates the feasibility, acceptability, and impacts of directly engaging the public in CB-ACP (Community-Based Advance Care Planning) events to normalize the conversations and raise awareness and engagement.

This project aims to integrate primary care with CB-ACP programs delivered by community based non-profit organizations and to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and implementation of a Primary Care Clinician (PCC) “prescription/referral” process to CB-ACP interventions to increase ACP engagement and behaviors amongst patients and their Substitute Decision Makers (SDMs).


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