Serious Illness Conversations

Serious Illness Conversations

More, Earlier, Better Conversations

BC Centre for Palliative Care promotes a person-centred approach to care that is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient and family preferences, needs, and values.


The Centre’s Serious Illness Conversation (SIC) Initiative aims to:

  • Promote the use of the Serious Illness Conversation Guide and Program developed by Ariadne Labs, Harvard Medical School throughout health authorities in BC.
  • Educate health-care professionals on how to use the SIC guide in their practice.
  • Work with health authorities to integrate the use of SIC guide into clinical practice for patients with a serious illness.
  • Develop tools and resources (in collaboration with Ariadne Labs, Harvard Medical School)


Serious Illness Conversations - doctor patient speaking


Serious Illness Conversation Training

We offer three levels of training:

  1. Training for clinicians on how to use the SIC guide in clinical practice
  2. Training for clinicians interested to become certified facilitators for SIC workshops
  3. Training for clinicians interested to become Master Trainers (who can train facilitators for SIC workshops)

If you are interested in any of the SIC training that we offer, please contact us at


Access to SIC Workshop Materials

With each level of training you complete, you will be eligible to access the materials that will support you as a trained clinician, Certified Facilitator, or Master Trainer. We will give Certified Facilitator and Master Trainer access to the relevant materials after they submit a Letter of Agreement.


Access to SIC Community of Practice Forum

With each level of training you complete, we will give you access to a special community of practice forum. The forum is a password-protected virtual space that gives you access to the SIC workshop materials and to other useful resources and means of support. The forum also gives you the opportunity to connect and share your experience with your peers with regards to the use of the SIC guide in different clinical settings.


Continuing Education Credits

If you undertake your training in BC, you may be eligible for continuing education credits. Outside of BC, continuing education credits would need to be arranged in partnership with a local university.

For more information about the Serious Illness Conversation initiative, refer to the initiative overview.

For more information about the initiative, see our overview.