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CHPCA Releases 2019 Pan-Canadian Framework for Advance Care Planning

The 2019 Pan-Canadian Framework for Advance Care Planning was developed by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) with input from over 300 stakeholders from across Canada.

The BC Centre for Palliative Care participated in the process of creating and reviewing the Framework through the Centre’s membership in the National ACP Advisory Committee and Capacity Building Task Group.

The 2019 Pan-Canadian Framework sets a new strategy that will help people move from thinking that Advance Care Planning is good idea to actually having the important conversations about the future health-care plans.

The framework positions Advance Care Planning as a normal part of the life journey giving all people in Canada regular opportunities throughout their lives to express their wishes for their future care. The framework strives to reach people at different ages and stages of life and recognizes the critical role that culture plays in how people view health-care decisions.

The structure of the 2019 framework focuses more on broadening partnerships, and promoting further collaboration among different jurisdictions (local, provincial/territorial, national) and systems (health, law, social services, life planning) to support Advance Care Planning.


View and download the framework.