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Jan 15, 2020

BC Centre for Palliative Care is pleased to release The Framework for Palliative Care Education and Training in British Columbia. It is the result of a collaboration of health authorities, health care agencies, universities, BC Ministry of Health, palliative care and hospice organizations throughout B.C.

The framework’s purpose is to provide a foundational structure for palliative education planning on a provincial scale, by describing a vision, guiding principles, pillars and goals. It may serve as a shared resource for all parties with a responsibility for palliative care education in B.C., to help shape decision making and planning within the B.C. context.

Throughout the consultation process to develop this framework, it has been evident that stakeholders are committed to working together to enable quality palliative care in every sector and region of B.C. This framework is an initial step towards province-wide health care providers who are skilled and confident to provide palliative care.

Click here to view the framework.