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Towards a more compassionate Canada, Eh!

National Hospice Palliative Care Week runs from May 6-12. The theme for 2018, “Towards a more compassionate Canada, Eh?” encourages Canadians to consider ways community involvement can support the dying and bereavement process.

For National Hospice Palliative Care Week 2018, the BC Centre for Palliative Care (BCCPC) and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association are calling on Canadians to answer these questions:

* What makes a compassionate community?

* How can compassionate communities support end-of-life care?

Compassionate Communities in BC

A Compassionate Communities movement began in May 2015 with a stakeholder round-table facilitated by BCCPC.

In 2016, BCCPC launched a Seed Grant Program that provides funding, training, tools and coaching for community-based organizations interested in creating Compassionate Communities.

Currently, 68 Compassionate Communities ideas are being implemented in 48 communities across BC – 50% are happening in rural and remote communities.

The goal of the BC Compassionate Communities movement is to improve access to care and support as well as to enhance connection, meaning and belonging for people affected by serious illness, frailty and grief.

Here’s a link for more information and downloadable resources about BC Compassionate Communities.

National Campaign

“When we think about death and dying we often imagine a hospital setting, and that can be a very frightening image for people,” says CHPCA Executive Director Sharon Baxter. “When individuals are actively engaged in their communities they surround themselves with a network of caring allies who can support their end-of-life wishes and contribute to living well. Within a compassionate communities model, living and dying well becomes everybody’s business.”

For this year’s campaign, the CHPCA has created four downloadable posters that visually represent the different ways compassionate communities can support living well, as well as a backgrounder and resource list. In addition, Canadians throughout the health-care sector, as well as individuals, are encouraged to use the hashtag #MyCompassionateCanada to share their experiences with compassionate care, ideas for living well, and their thoughts on how we can come together to support each other now and at the end of life.

More information and downloadable promotional resources at National Hospice Palliative Care Week.