About ECHO

About ECHO

Have a great idea for an ECHO series, session, or workshop?  Learn more here about the co-creation process.  We will work with you by sharing our experience, providing support through templates, tools, and resources, building on your idea to co-create and run a successful ECHO.  

About us 

The BC Centre for Palliative Care and the Hospice Palliative Care ECHO – BC Hub  

The vision of Hospice Palliative Care ECHO – BC Hub’s is for all care providers in BC have equitable access to learning opportunities, resources and expertise to improve the quality of life of people affected by Serious Illness.   


  • Increase awareness of new and existing learning opportunities, resources and expertise 
  • Create and support care provider networks (vehicle for sharing expertise) 
  • Accelerate the integration of collective impact evidence/knowledge 
  • Reach out and identify barriers for care providers with inequitable access 


  • Increase access to education 
  • Address current gaps 
  • Expand inter-professional networks 
  • Enhance palliative care competency  

Guiding Principles  

  • Inclusivity 
  • Person centered (learner + family) 
  • Achieves collative impact through partnerships and networks 
  • Empowerment / Inspired partners 
  • Quality/ Excellence 

Want to learn more?  You can join an ECHO or learn about how to co-create an ECHO here.

Partner with Us to Create an ECHO

In partnership with Pallium Canada, BC Centre for Palliative Care (BCCPC) is the provincial hub in BC of the Palliative Care ECHO Project. The federally funded five-year initiative aims to cultivate communities of practice and establish continuous professional development among health care providers who care for patients with life-limiting illness.

BCCPC is looking to partner with BC organizations to support them in establishing ECHO programs. The aim being to equip BC health care providers with knowledge, skills, networking opportunities, tools and resources in order to provide earlier, more effective and more compassionate palliative care for BC patients and their families.