About ECHO

About ECHO

Have a great idea for an ECHO series, session, or workshop?  Learn more here about the co-creation process.  We will work with you by sharing our experience, providing support through templates, tools, and resources, building on your idea to co-create and run a successful ECHO.  

No single service provider can know it all … that’s why there is ECHO!  ECHO creates a knowledge-sharing network of healthcare providers, subject matter, and community experts to share experience and learning. This simple approach is designed to ensure that the right knowledge is in the right place at the right time, and it has been globally recognized as a successful intervention to improve patient care outcomes. 

ECHO has been shown to:

  • Create a sense of community with geographically distant professionals
  • Increase knowledge, competence and skills
  • Enhance working relationships and workplace culture
  • Enhance person-centred end-of-life care practices
  • Increase capacity for collaborative research

Because ECHO is a virtual community, location is taken out of the equation, so it’s just as effective in rural and remote communities as it is in metropolitan centres. With an ECHO network, practising in an isolated community doesn’t mean you are professionally isolated.   

That’s the core approach to ECHO, a virtual community for continuous collaboration, problem-solving and professional growth. An ECHO network recognizes that every member brings expertise to the table. One may share specialized knowledge of a new treatment, while another may share their expertise on deploying it to their community

With each ECHO network, participants are encouraged to share what they’ve learned with their own team; then those team members share the knowledge, and so on and so on. With the shared knowledge radiating outward, the positive effect of ECHO is exponential and interdisciplinary.

Want to learn more?  You can join an ECHO or learn about how to co-create an ECHO here.

Partner with Us to Create an ECHO

In partnership with Pallium Canada, BC Centre for Palliative Care (BCCPC) is the provincial hub in BC of the Palliative Care ECHO Project. The federally funded five-year initiative aims to cultivate communities of practice and establish continuous professional development among health care providers who care for patients with life-limiting illness.

BCCPC is looking to partner with BC organizations to support them in establishing ECHO programs. The aim being to equip BC health care providers with knowledge, skills, networking opportunities, tools and resources in order to provide earlier, more effective and more compassionate palliative care for BC patients and their families.