Explore, Agree, Plan

Explore, Agree, Plan

If you are interested in co-created an ECHO with us, you will be involved in: 

  • Developing a hub team (individuals with content or context expertise from your organization and BC CPC staff)  
  • Completing a needs assessment and map your assets  
  • Building a shared understanding of the focus, goals, objectives, and evaluation of the ECHO 
  • Co-designing the sessions, series, or program  
  • Implementing the ECHOs 
  • Reviewing and evaluating the ECHO   

The BC Centre for Palliative care will:   

  • Support and help guide realistic goals, objectives and measurables based on our experience developing and co-creating ECHOs 
  • Provide a toolkit with templates and process guide for your use  
  • Collect data and report to funders  
  • Enter data into iECHO  


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Partner with Us to Create an ECHO

In partnership with Pallium Canada, BC Centre for Palliative Care (BCCPC) is the provincial hub in BC of the Palliative Care ECHO Project. The federally funded five-year initiative aims to cultivate communities of practice and establish continuous professional development among health care providers who care for patients with life-limiting illness.

BCCPC is looking to partner with BC organizations to support them in establishing ECHO programs. The aim being to equip BC health care providers with knowledge, skills, networking opportunities, tools and resources in order to provide earlier, more effective and more compassionate palliative care for BC patients and their families.